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About Us

How it all started

In 2010, the owner of Umake, Sven, had bought himself a 3D printer as a recently graduated mechanical engineer. Mainly for parts and tools that were not available as off the shelf product. Soon many people were interested in his customized products. Sven therefore decided in 2013 to start Umake, which specializes in designing and producing custom products. This turned out to be a success. In addition to designing and producing custom parts for clients, our own product developments also has taken place. When a great success was achieved in 2015 with the patching Festicap , we knew for sure: product development is in our DNA.



Our mission

Our mission is to take care of the design and production process.



Why Umake?

At Umake, we are happy to help you ease the workload within your company. We know better than anyone how much time and expertise it takes to produce a full-fledged product or part. Knowledge of technical drawings, production methods and types of materials are three fields that play an important role for a high-quality end result. These are areas of expertise that we have been involved in for many years.
By bringing design and production together under one roof, your wishes can be realized quickly, without all kinds of intermediaries. This avoids costs, but also time. Due to our large 3D printing capacity and production knowledge, the delivery of customized products is in many cases a matter of a few days.


When do you choose 3D printing at Umake:

  • Unique products up to medium-sized series (1 to 5000 pieces),
  • Series with minor mutual variations,
  • Complex geometry,
  • Fast delivery,
  • Production in RAL colors,
  • A combination of the above points,
  • Personal service without intermediaries.

When not to choose 3D printing:

  • Large series of identical products (>5000 pieces, depending on a few factors ),
  • When the signature 3D print layered finish is undesirable,
  • When non 3D printable material properties are required,
  • If quality and delivery time are not important, and China therefore is much cheaper.

By 3D printing, we can supply products in almost any color, and produce from single pieces to series of several thousand per week. This is possible at competitive rates, short delivery times and no shipping costs. Who else can say that?



Customer satisfaction

Of course, customer satisfaction is something we find very important. If you choose Umake, you will receive the highest possible care about the assignment from us. Promised.



Sun as power source

It is estimated that around 300 million plastics are produced worldwide every year. This is worrying, because about 4% of that ends up in the sea. By making full use of solar energy and bio-plastics, we are always working on the greenest possible footprint. Bio-plastics have similar technical properties to traditional (more polluting) plastics, but are instead made from plant materials, such as corn starch. If a product ends up in the environment, the material is completely degraded over time due to external influences.



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