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Design to production.

We relieve you from that process.

The power of 3D printing


3D printing is fast. So fast in fact, that sometimes an idea from today, can be delivered by tomorrow.


Low initial costs make single product or small batch production affordable. Ideal for custom made parts!


3D printers are capable of producing more complex geometries and shapes than injection molding or milling.

Our own products

Makita brackets

The Makita battery and tool brackets make sure you can store all your Makita gear as organised as you want to. Keep your workspace uncluttered.

Speaker mounts

Our Ultrabracket speaker mounting system is universal for the well known multiroom speakers from Sonos, Harman Kardon, Bluesound and Denon.

Headphone Mounts

With this headphone mount, you can easily store your headphone on almost every wooden board.