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45° Bracket For Google Nest


Install your smart doorbell at an angle, to actually be able to see who is standing in front of your door. Symmetrical design: can be mounted facing left or right.


  • Suitable for Google Nest
  • Not suitable for Google Nest Hello

Installing your smart doorbell at an angle

If your smart doorbell needs to be tilted so that the camera is aimed at the person who rings the bell, the corner bracket from Umake is the solution. We offer this product for smart doorbells from different brands such as Eufy, Google Nest, Ring and Arlo.

Supplied with fasteners

We supply fasteners to attach your doorbell to the corner mounting bracket. This way you can attach the holder to a wooden wall or frame. For mounting the corner bracket to a stone wall, 4x40mm screws and 6mm plugs are required, these are not included with the product.

The part is symmetrical, and can therefore be mounted facing left or right. This makes it universally applicable on both sides of the door.

The product is 3D printed, is that strong enough?

We design and produce everything we offer within our company in the Netherlands. Production takes place in our industrial 3D print farm. A 3D print farm is a large series of professional 3D printers that are controlled by a computer. All products are designed to be sturdy, have a professional look and are easy to install.

Product content

  • Angle mounting bracket
  • Fasteners

Doorbell not included.


  1. Mount the corner bracket to a wall or door frame with the supplied larger screws. When installing the doorbell in a wired configuration, guide the wires through the gap inside the corner bracket.
  2. If necessary, guide the wires through the backplate and connect tot the doorbell. Mount the backplate of your doorbell to the bracket using the included small screws.
  3. Mount your doorbell to the backplate.

Additional information

Weight 0,04 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 cm


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